Link Roundup

So we’re starting a new thing here on the Non-Blogosphere. It’s called Link Roundup. Every week or so I’m going to point out some cool links or stories online. I read a bunch or interesting stuff that’s either not worthy of a full blog post or I haven’t figured out a way to incorporate it into some larger story. Not yet anyway.

idea-subwayinequality-580.jpgFirst up is this very cool graphic from the New Yorker that traces income inequality by train line. It uses 2011 census information and applies the income information per zip code to each of NYC’s 21 subway lines. What can I say? I’m a sucker for data visualization. Take a look at your subway stop and see how you stack up.

Next up, in case you thought there was nothing but bad news the world over, I say no! New Zealand became the latest country stand up for marriage equality. But that’s not all they did. After passage of the bill, members of Parliament not only broke out into applause but then they broke out into song. No. Seriously.

And finally, no link roundup would be complete without an article from the Onion.  Here’s a little taste:

Following FBI reports this morning that the suspects implicated in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing are of Chechen descent, efforts to thoughtlessly stereotype the alleged terrorists were impeded by the majority of Americans’ lack of basic knowledge about Chechnya or the Chechen people, a new study has confirmed.

Just perfect satire.

Well that’s all the cool I have for you now. See you next time. Same Bat-Channel. Same Bat-Place.

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  1. I don’t watch the news so thank you for the updates 🙂

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