Month: March 2013

Liz Cheney: RonaldBot 2.0?

This week, Liz Cheney penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal so full of inaccuracies, that a team of scientists working with Politifact 24/7 still are trying to come up with a category that comes after “pants on fire” broad enough to… Read More ›

The Real GOP Problem

Recently, the Republican National Committee put together a report detailing the latest in their 2012 election misadventures.  Despite the fact the this report was filled with numerous facts and figures, the GOP Growth and Opportunity Project still seemed to not only miss… Read More ›

The Sanford Saga continues

Here’s an update to the Mark Sanford saga I discussed earlier.  The disgraced former Governor of South Carolina is running for office again.  But this time it’s for Congress.  Mr. “Hiking the Appalachian Trail” has won his primary.  He somehow… Read More ›

Top 10 Fake CPAC Panels

As many of you fine readers as aware, the Conservative Political Action Conference has been going on this week.  Many conservative luminaries have been giving speeches and hosting panels such as Ann Coulter, John Sununu, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and… Read More ›

Rob Portman Bothers Me

Recently, Rob Portman, Senator of Ohio has come out in support for gay marriage.  In Republican circles, this is quite an act of bravery.   Back in the real world however he has another motivation: His own son is gay.  … Read More ›

Fake Geek Girl!?

Kiss my Wonder Woman panty covered ass! It’s me you’re insulting! I’m damn adorable! Ask anyone. But am I well-versed in all the different kinds of dice (6 sided, 8, 20?! WTW?!)? Nope. Have I ever been to a ComicCon?… Read More ›