Who am I? Well since you asked I’m one half policy wonk, one half geek, and another half math major. I’ve got a plethora of things to say about political things. Invariably I’ll read something online, get pissed off at the media and then do the job I think they should have done. I live and work in the greatest city in the world.  I’m sure there’s more to say but for now:

I’m the Authority so you’d better recognize.

The Non-Blogosphere updates about twice a week or as often as I’m inspired.


Anyone interested in why there’s a picture of Teddy Roosevelt on my banner can go here.

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  1. Well, this made me smile. My mom would say “you laugh to keep from crying”.

  2. I just ready your column about why looking for work is God awful… and I’m still laffing my ass off. Best, most blunt, honest article from a job hunter I’ve ever read. Do me a favor if you read this — drop me a note at nick at asktheheadhunter.com. I do the weekly Ask The Headhunter feature on PBS NewsHour.org and I’ve been the chief bottlewasher at asktheheadhunter.com since… well, a long time.

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