Top 5 Most Useless Things Post Terror Attack

terror1.) Increased Police Presence – I’m sure it’s supposed to make me feel better but cops everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, don’t make me feel any safer. Seems like a hundred were at the game last night including a police helicopter buzzing the stadium. This morning there were half a dozen in uniform and probably several more milling about undercover at my train station. Honestly, more “random” searches when I’m trying to get to get to and from work just screams big show of force designed to look effective but isn’t at all.

2.) Soldiers with assault rifles – I’m saying this as a person who worked in Herald Square during 9/11, enough with the soldiers. Again, I’m sure it’s supposed to make me feel better but to me, two 19-year-old kids from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin holding Bushmaster Assault Rifles in a crowded space just screams: RED ALERT!! This place is a huge target. Enter at your own risk. RED ALERT!!

3.) Muslim and or Immigrant Bashing – Can we at least wait until we have a suspect before we go all Pat Robertson or Representative Steve King on the festivities? We have exactly zero suspects in custody. There was a Saudi Arabian man in Boston who was apparently questioned for being a Saudi Arabian man in Boston. But he wasn’t arrested. Nor do we know if the attacker(s) were immigrants but thanks for being your usual insulting and racist self Steve King. We don’t know if it was Boyd Crowder, career criminal from Kentucky who likes to quote Jesus and blow shit up or a member of the Crimson Jyhad. There will be plenty of time for intolerance later. I swear.

4.) Watching the News (There is no news)- No particular news station in general here. Since there is no real news in terms of new information regarding suspects, motivations for the attack, or anything else really, stations have concentrated on one thing: the video of the explosion. Only it’s played over and over on some hellish infinite loop. It is disturbing and the opposite of helpful. In between that we have whole swaths of experts detailing a bunch of stuff that may or may not be pertinent. So the perpetrators could be foreign terrorists or domestic. WOW!! What stunning analysis. I had no idea it could be anyone. But thanks for eliminating alien invasion from Mars.

5.) Watching the News Part II- Since there’s no real info to give out, all of the stations have been just giving out more and more information about the number of people who’ve died and were hurt. Day 1: three dead (among them one eight year old boy), 80 injured. Day 2: three dead (eight year old boy identity has been verified), 120 injured. Day 3: three dead, 180 injured (10 people who had limb amputations). Is this granular level of detail really necessary? We get it. It’s freaking horrible.

I know nature abhors a vacuum.  But filling it with bullshit isn’t helping.  That’s just my humble opinion.  Your mileage may vary.

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  1. And you have just said everything in my heart and mind. I tried to follow the Boston info as it was coming out etc. and everytime I spoke to someone about it the info I had was wrong. Lets focus on getting the right information and reporting that and spend less time pointing out the obvious.
    thanks again for being the mind reader that you are.

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