Mitt Romney

The Last Romney Post Ever

It costs people nothing to be magnanimous, but it’s so seldom done.  Especially in politics.  I’ve written volumes about Romney and his campaign.  Most of it bad.  So it was somewhat shocking when his concession speech was so un-Romney-like.  I… Read More ›

Romney on FEMA

As we batten the hatches down here in NYC, I’m reminded of what Romneybot said he would do with FEMA.  When asked about funding for disasters, Romney was, for once, unequivocal. Every time you have an occasion to take something from the… Read More ›

Final Debate (Post Game)

Democrats 3, Republicans 1 Honestly, I thought it would have been closer.  I figured this one would be a tie.  I mean Romney wasn’t a complete disaster.  He actually seemed somewhat credible at times.  Credible, that is, if you’re willing… Read More ›