Random Rant

Blast from the past: KKK vs. WBC

So this blog tends to mostly cover political topics.  There are basically two flavors of those topics: Flavor number one is random political person will say/do something so stupid, offensive or downright racist that I feel needs to be responded to immediately. … Read More ›

Link Roundup

So we’re starting a new thing here on the Non-Blogosphere. It’s called Link Roundup. Every week or so I’m going to point out some cool links or stories online. I read a bunch or interesting stuff that’s either not worthy… Read More ›

Media Problems: Jay-Z to Cuba

Recently, Jay-Z dropped a new track entitled Open Letter.  In it, Hova fired back at his critics over his sale of his ownership percentage in the Brooklyn Nets and more importantly, his recent trip to Cuba.  Discussions about hip-hop lyrics are usually the… Read More ›