Fake Geek Girl!?

00Kiss my Wonder Woman panty covered ass!

It’s me you’re insulting! I’m damn adorable! Ask anyone. But am I well-versed in all the different kinds of dice (6 sided, 8, 20?! WTW?!)? Nope. Have I ever been to a ComicCon? Sadly, no. Do I squeal like a 13-year-old girl when Dr. Who is on? Niet! But make no mistake, there is nothing fake about THIS geek girl or any other I’ve ever met or that roams this gloriously geek-tastic filled world!

As for said Princess Diana of Themyscira underoos: I didn’t buy them, or the other 12 pair, because I thought they’d get me brownie points with the geek boys. I bought them because a little part of my geek heart broke as I tried to leave the store without them! I HAD to have them! Not because I thought they’d add to my “cover”, but because they brought me peace. As do my video game controller t-shirt, my Harley Quinn chucks, my WW lipstick, the small but growing collection of Anita Blake graphic novels, my caped WW t-shirt and my growing list of role-play characters.

0These small things are nothing compared to the wall-to-wall comics, rooms and tables dedicated to video games and role-play of my more seasoned geek-brothers and sisters, but they’re mine. They’re me.

I’ve never had the thought going into Forbidden Planet “maybe I’ll snags me a husband if I linger in front of the Avengers comics.” My only thought is “How can I justify buying these 8 hardcover anthologies when my phone bill is due this week?”

In a subculture that was carved out by people who were teased and ostracized and many times bullied, for being different, geeks, nerds, dorks, whatthehellever, to have people dictating who can and cannot wear the title of “geek” is a bit of cruel irony, no?

Not to sound all hippie Pollyanna, but this is a world where all are welcome. Don’t ever get in the middle of a Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate. You. Will. Get. CUT! But at the end of it, both parties walk away with a future play date in the books to rock out on DDR!

See? Happy little nerds playing together. Nothing fake here. All genuine friendships and camaraderie! No matter our looks or social standing. We just want to have a place and people to share in our not-so-mainstream obsessions. Somewhere we don’t have to worry about that next bill, or meeting at work, or whether or not you can see my fat roll in this Batman t-shirt! I get on my laptop pull up the nymph or vampire or shape-shifting duck that I role-play, and GEEK THE FUCK OUT!!

I used to worry that I wasn’t “geek” enough to play with the other nerds. Now I have to worry if I’m geek AT ALL?!

That’s a negative, Mr. Peacock! (That’s the asswipe that started all this second guessing)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a CosPlay outfit to design! Deuces!

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the original takedown post about this, check out my BFF’s original post WTF is a Fake Geek Girl?  It’s full of cool stuff and Popes.

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  1. I just know that i would find this blog even more hilarious if I actually watch Start Trek and Star Wars lol

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