Promiscuous Iowa Girls Update

Here’s a quick update of the legislation that would have changed Iowa No-fault divorce laws I wrote about earlier henceforth known as the Promiscuous Girls Bill.  According to the Des Moines Register, It looks like the law is dead on arrival.

It cleared a subcommittee on Monday, but House Judiciary Committee Chairman Chip Baltimore, R-Boone, said the bill would not get a hearing before the full committee ahead of a looming deadline.

Most bills now before the Legislature must win committee approval by Friday to remain viable for passage.

Sunlight is the best kind of disinfectant for this type of crap.  So thanks goes out to Think Progress and the Huffington Post for taking the story national and anyone who read and shared this blog.  Additionally, Ted Gassman deserves some of the thanks as well.  If not for his asinine and fact free thoughts on the very bill he proposed, I doubt the story would have gone anywhere.

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