The Death Star Petition

hd-star-wars-death-star-wallpaper-1280x960There’s a section on the White House website called We the People that allows petitions to be created and posted online.  If your petition garners enough support, you’re supposed to get an official response from the executive branch.  Since President Obama was re-elected, many of the petitions were from states demanded to secede from the Union.  I don’t have the energy today to talk about how stupid or short-sighted that is.  You can’t just take your ball and go home any time an election doesn’t go your way.  Once again, I do believe we settled what states could and could not do during the Civil War. But one petition is just too awesome to not remark upon.

Forget all the secessionist nonsense and get a load of this.  They’re petitioning the Obama Administration to build a Death Star!  Yes, that Death Star from Star Wars.  Finally a petition I can get behind.  Who’d ever screw with America once they’d witnessed the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle-station?!  Other than the Rebel Alliance of course.  I think building one by 2016 might be slightly ambitious though.  Come on guys.  Be realistic.  I mean it took six years for the original movies to come out.  But the most important thing is if the petition garners 25,000 signatures, an administration official must give an official comment.  I don’t care if it’s the under-secretary for Health and Human Services, I want to see the words “Death Star” on official government stationary.  This needs to happen!

But what am I thinking?  Knowing the job killing Obama administration, they’d never agree to build a Death Star.  Are you telling me we neither have the technology available nor the engineering know-how to build a fictitious battle-station the size of the moon with a lasers powerful enough to destroy entire planets?

Only socialists think that way.

So join me in making sure this happens.  This is a lot better than thinking about fiscal cliff and debt ceiling negotiations.


We have a response to the petition.  Go check out the Death Star Strikes Back.

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  1. That would be truly awesome!!! 🙂 Or………………once we build Death Star, we can secretly disarm it, round up all the idiots on Planet Earth under false pretense that they have been chosen to take over the world & send them out to bounce around in space for an indefinite period of time or until they grow a conscience & some common sense……aaaaahhh sorry I believe I got a bit carried away.

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