Month: December 2012

Gun Myth Debunked

ABC did a controlled study showing what I’ve been arguing and what should be fairly obvious.  That adding more guns does not equal safety.  Despite what the NRA and their ilk say, it turns out that having a gun does… Read More ›

X-mas Westerns Unchained

Lets take another change of pace and talk about movies. This Holiday season the movie I’m most excited about is Django Unchained.  I know, I know, nothing says Christmas like a Tarantino spaghetti western involving slavery. Thanks Santa. But some… Read More ›

Even More Guns!

 There’s really not a lot to say about the latest and more horrifying gun tragedy that I haven’t said before.   Honestly, I’d rather be talking about building the Death Star.  It does feel like this sort of thing is… Read More ›

Guns. Lots of Guns!

I’ll admit it. I don’t get America’s obsession with guns. Not outside of the Matrix, anyway, which is still totally awesome. Where I grew up the only people who had guns were criminals and the police; neither of which you wanted to… Read More ›

Is it 2016 already?

People who complain about Christmas coming earlier and earlier every year have no idea how good they have it.  Try being a politics junkie.  Forget about hearing Christmas music early in November.  Try speculation on who’s going to be running… Read More ›

The Death Star Petition

There’s a section on the White House website called We the People that allows petitions to be created and posted online.  If your petition garners enough support, you’re supposed to get an official response from the executive branch.  Since President Obama… Read More ›