Month: November 2012

The Last Romney Post Ever

It costs people nothing to be magnanimous, but it’s so seldom done.  Especially in politics.  I’ve written volumes about Romney and his campaign.  Most of it bad.  So it was somewhat shocking when his concession speech was so un-Romney-like.  I… Read More ›

These f*cking racists!

These fucking racists!  Let me just say that I try to avoid talking about this stuff.  I really do.  I really don’t want to be the Bla-tino always bringing up the whole race relations thing.  But these people are making it… Read More ›

Bull Moose Inc.

If anyone has ever wondered what’s with the picture of Teddy Roosevelt on the banner at the top of the page, here’s why.  Don’t let the glasses fool you, TR was an awesome and bad-ass politician.  How much of a… Read More ›

Drug Testing

Not content to fade into obscurity after his failed presidential run, or being a general in the Conservative war against health care, Rick Perry is now advocating drug testing recipients of public assistance and unemployment insurance. We should not be… Read More ›

Voting Rights

The Supreme Court has decided to hear a case on the constitutionality of portions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The Voting Rights Act was put into place because several places in the US (mostly the deep South) made… Read More ›

Election aftermath

It’s a couple of days after the harrowing election of 2012.  So let’s take a look at my prediction for the race and compare that to the actual results. I predicted an electoral win for the President of with Obama -299,… Read More ›