Magical Unicorns

It politics season.  So I’ve been talking to members of my family making sure that they’re registered and will be voting appropriately.  One day, random family member X asks me who I’m voting for.  I swear I thought she were joking but she apparently thought there was any way in hell I was voting for the Romneybot.  But she’s one of those Democrats who’s some combination of disappointed in/unenthusiastic about Obama.  You know what I mean.  The what has Obama really done type of progressive.  This is what’s known as the dreaded enthusiasm gap.  I often complain about conservatives in this space but progressive and liberals, this one is for you.


I’ve already written about how much Romney sucks.  But here’s a few things that the President has accomplished in his first term:

Women/Reproductive Rights:
Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
Appointed 2 Pro-Choice Women to the Supreme Court
HHS now considers birth control part of preventive medicine and is therefore free

Civil Rights:
Stopped Defending DOMA
Repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t tell
Extended Federal Benefits to partners of federal employees
Came out for Marriage Equality

International Stuff:
START Treaty
Ended Iraq War
Draw down of troops in Afghanistan
Ended “Enhanced Interrogation” aka Torture

Consumer Stuff:
The Stimulus (1/3 tax breaks)
Consumer Protection Bureau
Credit Card Bill of Rights

Education Reform:
Expanded Pell Grants
Eliminated subsidies to private lenders

Health Care:
Reversed Bush decision to stop federal money from stem cell research.
SCHIP Reauthorization
Health Care Reform which includes:
A pre-existing condition ban (which disproportionately affects women),
Kids can stay on parents insurance until age 26
Tax credits to help people pay for coverage
Tax credits for Business so that they can cover their employees.
Expansion of Medicaid (133% of poverty level)

Oh yeah, he also saved the auto industry and has killed or captured more terrorists in his first term than the previous administration did in two full terms.  Including one particular guy..what was his name again…oh right Osama Muthafucking Bin Laden. As Vice President Joe Biden likes to say, GM is alive and Bin Laden is dead.

All that in the face of constant obstructionism from the Republicans. Pretty fucking impressive is you ask me.

But you people, progressives, liberals, democrats, whatever you want to call yourselves need to wake the fuck up.  Oh I’m sorry. Is pulling the nation back from the brink of financial calamity plus the list above not impressive enough for you?  I’m sorry that Washington still sucks, the world isn’t perfect and you never got your magical unicorn in the mail.

You’re such a pestilence!

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