Stop F*cking That Guy!

The original idea for this blog was supposed to encompass more than just politics.  The whole four non-blogs thing.  One of the other sections was supposed to be sex and dating advice.  I’m a fan of the Savage Love podcast and my friends come to me for advice so I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring.  Although, if you want to make it in the sex column advice world you need to be gay, a woman or both.

Anyway my female friends tell me these ridiculous stories about their dates.  The name of this blog is the same advice I always give to my friends at the end of these freight trains of disaster: STOP F*CKING THAT GUY! (SFTG)

So your date tells you that he got drafted into and then kicked out of the army because he kept getting into barroom brawls: Stop f*cking that guy.

Your boyfriend cavalierly tells you that he’s cheated on his last three girls:  Stop f*cking that guy.

Maybe your husband gives a lackluster performance at the first Presidential Debate: You threaten to stop f*cking that guy.  Then the nation marvels at how much better he does at debate #2.

It’s a little rough but I think I’m on to something here.

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