Pre-Debate Coaching

Its really kind of interesting hearing all of the things that the President NEEDS to do in tonight’s debate. Conventional wisdom, at least on the progressive side of the ledger, says that he needs to be a lot more aggressive. As usual I’m going to disagree with conventional wisdom.

I’m not one of those people that somehow saw the first debate and somehow thought the President performed well. But its not really in the president’s nature to be hyper aggressive. Can someone actually come up with an instance of him having an awesome debate performance? Even when he’s done better, say in the 2008 campaign, I don’t recall this hyper aggression being in evidence. So asking him to do something that he’s never done before and outside of his character seems a little silly.

Again I think he can do better. But that’s by drawing stark contrasts between his and Romney’s positions. Then again Romney’s basic defense versus the things he’s been saying this past year has been to deny that he said them. Aggression will not help you there. And I don’t know how one combats an opponent that literally denies objective reality.

I got nothing but I’m open to suggestions.

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