VP Debate Post Game

Democrats 1, Republicans 1
You have to hand it to crazy uncle Joe. He laid the smackdown to Paul Ryan and singlehandedly changed the narrative of the race. It will be interesting to see what, if any effect, it has on the polls.

Progressives please step back from all of your ledges.

You know how you an tell how much Vice President Biden won the debate? Almost everyone on the conservative side of the ledger is complaining about how rude Joe was or the fact that he laughed too much. Then they moved on complaining about the moderator. Bitching about the refs is never a good sign. To say nothing of there being no substantive critiques.

In my humble non-blog like opinion Biden won nearly every exchange including my absolute favorite where he shined a glowing light on Ryan’s hypocrisy. If stimulus money is so evil and wasteful, why are you on record asking for said stimulus Mr. Ryan?

Oh right, I forgot you’re a hypocrite.

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