In defense of Medicare


A little advice to the donkeys regarding Medicare. You’re doing it wrong. All of you.

Yes the 716 billion taken out of overpayments to Medicare Advantage actually strengthens the program according to the Congressional Budget Office. Yes, seniors now get free preventive care pay less for prescriptions. But saying the other guys also took 716 billion out is not a winning argument.

I seriously worry about you guys as a political party sometimes. Most times actually.

If you have to explain that you used the savings from the money to make the program solvent for eight more years than the current program, you’ve already lost. To say nothing of the other side just screaming to the heavens that you just ‘raided’ Medicare to pay for Obamacare.

What you need is an emotional plea. Here’s your argument: We Built This! It was Democrats that proposed and enacted Medicare. It was Republicans who called it socialism and a threat to the nation. Now are you going to believe the party that gave you Medicare or the ones that have never wanted you to have it?

Not only does that argument work on a visceral level but you also happen to have the actual facts on your side. Its win-win.

Actuarial tables don’t win wars of sound bites.

You’re welcome.

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