Low information voters

I’m sure by now most people have heard about the Georgia woman who was embarrassed by an asshole at a grocery store for daring to use food stamps.  I’m sure the Kroger’s supermarket and the employee have been given their metaphoric kick to the balls they deserve but something else really bothered me about the story.  Her politics are ass-backwards.

Most of the people that we have to choose from — Obama with his spending and his health care reform, and then Mitt Romney, he just wants to let poor people die, so either way we’re doomed. So I don’t see any point in voting.

This person is on Medicare because of a little known provision that allows people with end stage renal disease to receive the benefits of the plan.  She’s also able to collect Social Security and is eligible for the SNAP program which is more famously known as food stamps.  And although it isn’t specified, she’s probably on Medicaid as well.  Here’s what all of those programs have in common:

They were all proposed, passed, and enacted by Democrats.

So, all of that spending that you’re complaining about has actually been quite beneficial to you.  You want to try getting private insurance to cover all of your dialysis treatments and eventually your kidney transplant?  Go right ahead.  But I should warn you that even if you were able to afford that plan, or your husband was able to cover you on his company plan, you would have been kicked off of your insurance because of a pre-existing condition ban, a lifetime spending cap, or another half dozen ways insurance companies used to be able to treat people.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you a case study in the phenomenon known as the low information voter.   Personally, I like to call them, freakin idiots.  Yes, yes, why even bother voting?  Sure the Democrats have historically championed the entirety of the social safety net.  And yes you and your family are currently benefiting from it.  Conversely, the Republican Party has fought tooth and nail against it all.  And the current Republican standard bearer wants to privatize, if not eliminate those programs.

You see Mrs. Nerger, part of that spending and health care reform that you deplore so much is what’s keeping you alive and your kids healthy.  But don’t let life saving treatments you wouldn’t normally have access to, enacted over strenuous objection from the conservatives affect your voting decisions.  They’re basically the same…in the Bizarro World

Here’s how they should start advertising the Affordable Care Act:  ObamaCare, helping people with cognitive dissonance since 2010.

Look, there are obvious and clear distinctions between the parties.  I wish these people would listen to Samuel L. Jackson and wake the fuck up!

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