Presidential Debate (Post Game)

Republicans 1, Democrats 0

Round one goes to Romney. This of course, is entirely based on optics which is a silly way to judge debates.  But I don’t make the rules.  Romney did exactly what he had to do which was to come out swinging.  The President looked passive in comparison which, may not have been the right choice.

But as a wise man once said, perhaps as early as yesterday, debates don’t matter.  Every pundit has been predicting that the polls would be tightening as we got closer to the election.  Florida and Virginia were already moved from leaning Obama to toss up prior to the debate.  Lo and behold, the polls have tightened. But now those same pundits are going to reverse engineer it so that the reason was Romney’s debate performance.  Mark my words.

The Romney campaign is supposed to try and spin the debate performance into that meme.  The “surge” in the polls is due to his “masterful” debate performance.

This. Is. Utter. Nonsense.

Now what a responsible media would do is laugh and point at them because:
1.) Just last week the Romney campaign was saying how all the polls couldn’t be trusted &
2.) The media types were always saying that the race would be a lot closer independent of anything else.

Of course in many cases, we do not have a responsible media.

Here’s a question I would have loved the moderator to ask: Governor Romney if taxes are so oppressive as you have been stating, how is it that your effective rate has been approximately 13% over the last ten years?

Oh well.  Like the song says, On To The Next One.

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