Month: October 2012

Advantage Obama?

As I watch the coverage of the aftermath of super-duper-once-in-a-lifetime-Frankenstorm Sandy, I am amazed by what passes for political analysis.  What does this mean for the race, they ask.  Well the consensus seems to be that the President has the advantage… Read More ›

Romney on FEMA

As we batten the hatches down here in NYC, I’m reminded of what Romneybot said he would do with FEMA.  When asked about funding for disasters, Romney was, for once, unequivocal. Every time you have an occasion to take something from the… Read More ›

Magical Unicorns

It politics season.  So I’ve been talking to members of my family making sure that they’re registered and will be voting appropriately.  One day, random family member X asks me who I’m voting for.  I swear I thought she were joking… Read More ›

Back in Black

John Sununu.  Where do I even begin with this guy?  Let me just say that one of the most disqualifying things about the Romney campaign is their campaign co-chair being this fucking guy.  Anytime you want to throw a little race baiting… Read More ›

War, huh, good God!

I’ve had a couple of conversations with these people who’ve thrown their support behind Romney.  Apparently, the way they’re getting themselves around Romney’s horrible record on women’s health & women’s pay equity is to ignore everything he’s said in the last year.  The argument… Read More ›

Halloween Frightfest

This being the scary holiday season, I thought I’d start off the festivities with a short tour of the scariest house of this or any other holiday.  I am of course talking about the House of Representatives.  And although there are… Read More ›

Final Debate (Post Game)

Democrats 3, Republicans 1 Honestly, I thought it would have been closer.  I figured this one would be a tie.  I mean Romney wasn’t a complete disaster.  He actually seemed somewhat credible at times.  Credible, that is, if you’re willing… Read More ›