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Ferguson Feels Like…

  I’ve been trying to reconcile my emotions about this incident since the story first broke. Beyond the anger, there’s such an intense and overarching sense of ennui that’s it really difficult to describe. Here’s the thing: in order to exist in America and… Read More ›

The Rise of Independents?

So Gallup has a new poll that has political media types extolling the power of independents. The poll basically says that party identification in down for both Republican and Democrats at 25% and 31% respectively. However, people identifying as Independents… Read More ›

Sneaker Pimp

I know it’s early but this story is already a finalist in the “best” story of the year category. Meet Sir Giorgiro Clardy. Now if you go by the title of this post and a name like Sirgiorgiro, if by… Read More ›

Gaydar: Technological Wonder

The recent WSJ/NBC poll seemed to have sent shock waves through the Republican caucus. But then they remembered that they don’t believe in things that don’t comport with their pre-established narratives. And also a tiny, overtly racist protest outside the White… Read More ›


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