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  • This Week in Mansplaining


    Emmissary to Black People, Rand Paul, has taken time off of his busy schedule of badly explaining Civil Rights to students at HBCU‘s to engage with the War on Women critique leveled at Republicans by Democrats on Meet the Press.¬†And… Read More ›

  • The Rise of Independents?


    So Gallup has a new poll that has political media types extolling the power of independents. The poll basically says that party identification in down for both Republican and Democrats at 25% and 31% respectively. However, people identifying as Independents… Read More ›

  • Sneaker Pimp


    I know it’s early but this story is already a finalist in the “best” story of the year category. Meet Sir Giorgiro Clardy. Now if you go by the title of this post and a name like Sirgiorgiro, if by… Read More ›

  • Police To The Rescue??


    I’m not sure if anyone remembers the police¬†incident a few months back. For the New Yorkers who read this blog, I know it’s hard to keep track. “Police incidents” are a dime a dozen around these parts. But here are… Read More ›

  • Naked Power Grab?


    Never let it be said that Richard Cohen is the only horrible writer from the Washington Post’s Opinion pages. Out pours the font of wrongheaded albeit conventional wisdom from Dana Millbank to muddy up the waters regarding the recent change… Read More ›

  • Obamacare vs. the Hurricane Katrina Response


    I have to hand it to the media. Their ceaseless attempts to appear non-partisan just continues to get them into trouble. Since they were so tough on President Bush during the cascading Hurricane Katrina response debacles (and with good reason)… Read More ›


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